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Political Science 395 Research Seminar

Electoral Systems
Spring 2001


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Student thoughts on research papers
These ideas are very preliminary. I provide them to give some ideas of how your thinking is going.
The Burden of Voting in America:
Votes for Offices and Issues in the American states in the 2000 General Election
Stanford Law and Policy Review Project
Proposed paper based on the table referenced above
Voting and Electoral Systems in the News
Articles reflecting on the shape and pace of electoral reform in the U.S.
Related Websites on Electoral Systems
Go here for information about elections in other countries
New as of May 5: Web sites for American States too
New Zealand: a Nation That Changed from SMD to MMP
In 1993 New Zealand changed its voting system for parliamentary elections from the First-Past-the-Post system (FPP) to a system of proportional representation based on the German model, known as 'Mixed Member Proportional' (MMP). Why and what happened?