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Websites on National Electoral Systems
 Elections Around the World
This is an extraordinary website that takes you to:
  • Election Results and Electoral Systems: just click on the leading letter of the country name
  • Parties on the net
  • Parliaments on the net
  • Electoral institutes on the net
  • Electoral calendar
  • Political databases on the net
Yahoo! Guide to Elections, Election Sysems, and Reform
This is a typical Yahoo! gateway to lots of information, but nearly all American.
Excite Directory of Electoral Systems
This is a gold mine of information about alternative systems and reform proposals
IDEA: Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance
Detailed information on scores of nations broken down by parliamentary and presidential elections
International Foundation for Electoral Systems
IFES provides nonpartisan technical assistance in the promotion of democracy worldwide and serves as a clearinghouse for information about democratic development and elections.
Websites on U.S. State Elections and Electoral systems

State Politics and Policy Section Web Page

The Council of State Governments Home Page

US State/Local Gateway

National Conference of State Legislatures

FSU State Politics and Policy Data Archives

The New Federalism Database

Federal, State, and Local Governments

Governing: The Magazine of States and Localities

States News: Council of State Governments

State and Local Governments: Library of Congress Resource page

Administrative Structure of State Election Offices: Federal Election Commission

National Association of State Election Directors

Web Sites for Secretaries of State or Directors of Elections Federal Vosting Assistance Program

ElecNet: Choose State or National Elections

Initiative and Referendum Institute

Open Directory Project: Elections