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Advice on the Statistics Research Paper: Menu of Choices
Guide to structuring the paper under headings that will be used in grading it.
Good form for presenting data and for writing a paper
Help on formulating a research hypothesis.
Questions about the paper from previous students and answers from me.

Indicators and Variables

Learning about Dependent and Independent Variables

Concepts and Operationalizations

Recoding a Norminal Variable as Ordinal for Regression

All about Discrete Variables

How much Explanation is Enough?

The Missing Data Effect

Sample Research Paper from a Previous Class

"Predictability of Democratization: A Global Model," which was submitted for this class two years ago, has been posted as a .PDF file. This is a fine paper that got 22 out of 25 possible points. There are no marks on the paper itself, but the grading sheet (with comments) follows as the last page.

You may benefit from looking at this example.