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Research Methods
Kenneth Janda

Guides and Interpretations

Genres of Presidential Paper


Presidents generate statements and texts for different occasions and purposes. This page summarizes the classification in Karlyn Kohrs Campbell and Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Deeds Done in Words: Presidential Rhetoric and the Genres of Governance. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1990.

Links to other archives


Several Internet sites offer archives of texts, many of which have political content, such as the works of political theorists and speeches by political leaders. This page will help guide you.

American Reference Library


The most important single source of political texts across U.S. History is the American Reference Library, a CD-ROM published by Western Standard Publishing Company in conjuction with World Book Enclyclopedia. It contains over 55,000 documents, including

  • Presidential Papers (110,000+ pages)
  • Supreme Court Collection, 1000 decisions (1793 - 1997)
  • U.S. Congress Collection (17 works)
  • Documents and Histories (42 volumes - 16,000 pages)
  • National Party Platforms (1840 - 1996)
  • Constitution Reference (19 works)
  • Western Civilization (11 works)
  • Founding Fathers (12 volumes)
  • Quotes Collection (12,000 quotations)

Writings on Key Words and Political Language

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