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Jacoby & Schneider

Variability in State Policy Priorities
Research Paper

Maloney, Russell

Inflexible Logic
Probability & Monkeys

Browne, Malcolm

Can't Decide if That Centerfold Is Really a Perfect 10? Just Do the Math

Field, Marilyn J.

"Determinants of Abortion Policy in the Developed Nations,"
Correlation Analysis

Lacy, Virginia

Political Knowledge of College Activist Groups: SDS, YAF, and YD
Analysis of Variance

Jackman, Robert W.

"The Predictability of Coups d'etat: A Model with African Data"
Multiple Regression

Wells, Alan

"The Coup d'Etat in Theory and Practice: Independent Black Africa in the l960s"
Multiple Regression

Labovitz, Alan

"Pinning Numbers on Rank-Order Categories"

Mueller, John

"Popular Support for the Wars in Korea and Vietnam"
Multiple Regression & Log Transformation