Path: > Available Data Sets Download page for vote96 data
The vote96 file has about 200 socioeconomic and political variables for 1,714 respondents
surveyed before and after the 1996 election.

This file is available as an SPSS "portable" file, vote96.por, that can be imported into SPSS.

If you are viewing this page with INTERNET EXPLORER, you can download *.por files to open in SPSS.
If you are viewing this with the NETSCAPE browser, the file will not download properly,
and SPSS will not open it as a .por file.
Downloading this file presumes a general knowledge of SPSS,
and specific knowledge of how to open .por files,
and how to save them as .sav SPSS system files.
Here are the steps for downloading the file:

If you are using Windows on a PC
If you are using a Macintosh computer

RIGHT-click download vote96.por

  • Click on "Save Target As ..."
    • Navigate to where you want to save the file
      • add ".por" to file name
        • Change "Save as type" to "All Files"
          • Click on the "Save" button.

Click & HOLD download vote96.por

  • Choose Download Link to Disk
    • navigate to the desired place you want to save the file
      • Click on the "Save" button.

To open your .por file in SPSS:

  • Go to the File Menu
    • Choose "Open"
      • Then select "Data"
        • In the Open File dialog box, change "files of type" from "SPSS (*.sav)" to
          • "SPSS portable (*.por)"
            • Click on the visible .por file
              • then click on the Open button.
                • Save your file as an "SPSS (*.sav)" file.