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Op-Ed Contributions

"Donald Trump, The Apprentice Demagogue,"
Ten similarities in Hitler's and Trump's electioneering


June 20, 2016

"Government Is Nobody's Business,"
Does Mitt Romney's business experience suit him for the presidency?


June 15, 2012

"Republican Nihilism: Version 2010 on Display"
Republicans play out Turgenev's novel again, renouncing everything.

Chicago Tribune, p. 17.

February 4, 2010

"Voting for Change? Focus on Democrats and Republicans, Not Obama and McCain"
Look to parties for change, not the candidates.

Northwestern Observer, p. 6.

October 16, 2008

"Recalling the Case for Mediocrity"
Sara Palin fulfilling Sen. Hurska's defense of mediocrity.

October 14, 2008

"A Brief History on Choosing the Second Banana"
The case for Obama choosing Hillary Clinton as V.P.

Chicago Tribune, p. 11.

June 8, 2008

"Interview With Political Science Professor Kenneth Janda"
Discussion of the 2008 presidential campaign

May 21, 2008

"How the Parties Split Words"
Freedom, order, and equality in Republican and Democrat speeches.

Chicago Tribune, Section 2, p. 5.

February 3, 2008

"Why Has the Iraq War Lasted Nearly as Long as World War II?"
1,245 days and counting towards 1,348

Chicago Tribune, p. 17

August 14, 2006

"A Case History on the Killing of Rats and Terrorists"
Just killing rats won't eliminate them; get rid of the food.

Chicago Tribune, Section 2, p. 9.

July 4, 2004

"A Little Background Before Voters Go to the Polls"
Californi Recall pits democraacy v. good government

Chicago Tribune, p. 27.

September 5, 2003

"Do Our People's Republics Work"
Problems with government by referenda.

Newsday, p. A27.

August 6, 2003

"Save Iraqi History? 'No Tanks,' Says U.S. Military"
U.S. troops watched Iraqis loot national treasures.

Chicago Tribune, Section 2, p. 1.

April 27, 2003

"Dubya, Meet Il Duce: Who Said 'Axis' First?"
On the Bush's misuse of the World War II Axis metaphor.

Chicago Tribune, Section 2, p. 1.

April 21, 2002

"The Neo-Nihilists in Congress"
Gingrich's Republican playing out Turgenev's novel.

Chicago Tribune, p. 13.

January 9, 1996

"Honor the Constitutions: Try a Balanced-Budget Law"
The law is already there, but Congress lacks the will

Chicago Tribune, p. 23.

January 12, 1995

"Hungarians Look to Future, Not Past"
With Attila Agh, Hungarian socialists are not communists.

Chicago Tribune, p. 27.

May 12, 1994

"Riding Yeltsin's Coattails"
On Yeltsin's problem avoiding party politics.

Budapest Sun, p. 4.

October 28, 1993

"Forget Your Manners If You're Getting Mugged"
My experiences on a Budapest subway.

Budapest Sun

October 14, 1993

"What If No Candidate Wins a Clear Majority"
On how the electoral vote system avoids national recounts, different paper.

Miami Herald

November 3, 1992

"Electoral College Is Good System"
On how the electoral vote system avoids national recounts.

Dallas Morning News, p. 13A.

November 3, 1992

"Electoral System Offers Winner Mandate to Govern"
On a positive of the electoral vote system.

San Francisco Chronicle, p. A19

October 28, 1992

"Character: Opiate of the Electorate"
People say that they are good judges of character, but they aren't.

Chicago Tribune, p. 11.

August 24, 1992

"Your Vote May Count More Than You Think"
I made some "what-if" predictions of the 1992 election.

USA Today, p. 9A.

August 12, 1992

"The Public, Perot, and Péron"
The electoral power of charisma, backed by arms or money


June 11, 1992

"Can a Democrat Be Elected President?"
This question was asked prior to the 1992 presidential election.

Mark Siegel's WashingtonInsider, p. 3

March 3, 1992

"Parties' Decentralization Caused by Nation Mistrust"
This story was really about my cross-national party research.

Jackson, MS, Clarion-Ledger

November 23, 1974