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Graduate Study at Indiana University
Bloomington, IN: Indiana University, 1958. (Designed the brochure, wrote the text, and took the photos during first year in graduate study.)

Articles and Book Chapters 


"A Scholar and a Simulation Ahead of Their Time: Memories of Harold Guetzkow,"
Simulation & Gaming.41 ((2011), 301-306.


"Report of the CSSDA Consulting Committee (on the Human Relations Area Files),"
Behavior Science Notes, 2 (No. 3, 1967), 247-253 (With Lutz Erbring and Charles Yarbrough).


 "Toward the Explication of the Concept of Leadership in Terms of the Concept of Power,"
Human Relations, 13 (November, 1960), 345-363. Reprinted in Dwight Dean (ed.), Dynamic Social Psychology. New York: Random House, 1969. Pp. 451-472. Reprinted in Glenn D. Paige (ed.), Political Leadership. New York: The Free Press, 1972. Pp. 45-68.
Book Reviews 


Manfred Kochen, Integrative Mechanisms in Literature Growth . (Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1974)
in The American Political Science Review, 71 (June, 1977), 642-643.


Hayward R. Alker, Jr., Mathematics and Politics (New York: MacMillan, 1965),
in The American Political Science Review. 60 (June, 1966) pp. 412-413.
Paper and Addresses 


"Is Pluralism Another Term for Elite Rule?"
Conference on Politics and Elitism, Eötvös Lorand University, Budapest, December 2, 1993.
"Constitutions and Models of Democracy: The Problem of the Majority,"
Conference on Constitutionalism and Politics, Piestany, Slovakia, November 11-15, 1993.


"Toward Terminating the Terminological Turmoil: The Proper Nouns Solution,"
International Studies Association, Comparative Interdisciplinary Studies Section, COCTA Internet Working Paper No. 67 (April, 1976). (With Mitchell G. Klein)


"A Technique for Assessing the Conceptual Equivalence of Institutional Variables Across and Within Culture Areas,"
paper delivered at the 1971 Meeting of the American Political Science Association, September 7 11, Chicago, Illinois.


"Methodological Innovation and Substantive Progress in Empirical Research,"
paper delivered at the 1962 Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, New York City.
Major Activities and Appointments Outside of Northwestern University
Participant, Social Science Research Training Institute in Mathematics for Political Scientists and Sociologists, Stanford University, July 13 to August 21, 1964.
Participant, National Science Foundation Institute on the Role of Mathematics in Social Science Theory Building, Yale University, August 9-21, 1965.
Consultant, State of Illinois Commission on the Organization of the General Assembly, 1966.
Consultant, Committee on House Administration, U. S. House of Representatives, 1970.
Member, Editorial Board of the Midwest Journal of Political Science 1963-1967.
Council Member, Inter-University Consortium for Political Research, 1965-1967.
Member, Editorial Board. ABS POL SCI. 1969-2000
Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Theoretical Politics, 1988-1996
Member, Editorial Board, PS: Political Science, 1992-1996
Co-Editor, Party Politics, 1995-
Project Advisory Committee, Education for National Needs, Civic Education Project, 1995-1996
Member, Editorial Board,
Lesser Activities and Appointments Outside Northwestern
Member, Committee on Information Technology, American Council of Learned Societies, 1966-1969.
Member, Information Retrieval Committee, Council of Social Science Data Archives,1966-1968.
Member, Information Exchange Committee, American Political Science Association, 1968-1970.
Member, Committee on Bibliographical and Documentation Services, International Studies Association, 1968.
Member, Task Force on Information Retrieval, International Social Science Council, 1968.
Officer, Political Parties and Other Organizations, Section of the American Political Science Association, 1982-85
Participant, ICPSR Summer Workshops on "Covariance Structure Analysis" and on "Pooled Regression and Time-Series Analysis," University of Michigan, June and July, 1987.
Research Support at Northwestern
University Research Committee, $15,539 in 1966
Council for Intersocietal Studies, $2,800 in 1966
National Science Foundation, $131,800 in 1966 (Grant GS-1418)
National Science Foundation, $76,700 in 1969 (Grant GS-2533)
National Science Foundation, $12,450 in 1981 (Grant SER-8162556)
Apple Computer, $37,000 equipment grant in 1989
National Science Foundation, $58,114 in 1991 (Grant SES-9112357)
Total research funds raised from outside sources = $316,064
Dissertations Supervised
1966 Thomas Nyquist
1966 Cleo Cherryholmes
1966 Michael Shapiro
1967 Meredith Watts
1968 Neal Cutler
1968 Brent Rutherford
1969 Charles Elder
1971 Pierre Amyot
1972 James Johnson
1972 Mark Siegel
1974 John Thomas
1975 Ray Corrado
1975 Robert Drummond
1975 Matthew Lippman
1977 Robert Harmel
1979 Steven Craig
1979 Robin Gillies
1985 Andrew Goodman
1986 Jack Moran
1987 Teh-Fu Huang
1992 Hoon Jaung
1997 Jin-Young Kwak
1998 Dale Gardner
1999 Thomas Minar
Partial List of University, College, and Department Appointments
University Computing Committee, 1964-70
Social Science Building Committee, 1966-70, Chair, 1969-70
Graduate Fellowship Committee, 1968-70, Chair 1969-70
University Library Committee, 1968-70, Chair 1969-70
Council for Intersocietal Studies, 1968-70
Division II Council, 1969-72
Faculty Planning Committee, 1976-78
General Faculty Committee, 1983
Acting Director of Vogelback Computing Center, 1984
University Committee on Information Processing and Computing, 1982-86, Chair, 1985-86
Governing Board, University Library, 1986-1992
Department Director of Undergraduate Studies, 1965-66, 1975-77, 1999-2000
Department Director of Graduate Admissions, 1967-69
Department Director of Placement, 1978-80, 1985-86
Department Chair, 1973-74, 1980-82
Provost Search Committee, 1986
Program Review Subcommittee on the Department of Economics, College of Arts & Sciences, and the Department of Managerial Economics and Decision Sciences, Kellogg School of Management, 1986-87
Scientific Misconduct Committee, 1987-88 (Chair, 1988)
Associate Master, Shepard Residential College, 1986-1988
Program Review Subcommittee on the School of Education and Social Policy, 1988-89
Quantitative Skills Focal Group, 1988
Provost's Task Force on Quantitative Analysis, 1988-89
Program Review Committee, the Law School, 1989-1990
University Committee on the Undergraduate Computing Environment, 1991-92
University Librarian Search Committee, 1991-92
Graduate School Task Force on Strategic Planning, Chair, 1992-93
McCormick Teaching Professorships Selection Committee, 1992-1993
E.L. Wiegand Visiting Distinguished Professorship Committee, Chair, 1993-94
Program Review Subcommittee, on the School of Education and Social Policy, 1994-95
Richard W. Leopold Lecture Series Committee, 1995-2002