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Advantages of Discriminant Analysis


  • Given only two categories in the dependent variable, both methods produce similar results.
    • Binary logistic regression has one major advantage: it produces very helpful plots.
    • Discriminant analysis offers a potential advantage: it classified ungrouped cases.
      • SPSS says: "The functions are generated from a sample of cases for which group membership is known; the functions can then be applied to new cases with measurements for the predictor variables but unknown group membership."
      • Depending on the research problem, this may be more or less of an advantage.
  • Given more than two categories in the dependent variable, binary logistic regression cannot be use.
    • Multinomial logistic regression replaces binary logistic in this situation.
    • However, the multinomial logistic analysis uses a different approach that does not generate plots.
  • This is where discriminant analysis offers more advantages:
    • It generates helpful plots, especially a territorial map, to aid analysis.
    • It still offers the opportunity for classifying cases that are "ungrouped" on the dependent variable.