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I created the table below from SPSS output for all five nations, but I decided to eliminate East Germany from the analysis. Note that the table is numbered and titled. In writing about this table in a paper, I might say somethiing like:

Attitudes toward abortion in western nations are strongly affected by the degree of citizen's religiosity. Table 1 reports the percentages of those who self-describe themselves as "a religious person" who also say that abortion can never be justified. Two things should be noted: (1) opposition toward abortion among those who describe themselves as religious is somewhat stronger in the United States than in the other three nations, and (2) the United States has a much higher proportion of self-described religious persons. These data indicate why the politics of abortion is more explosive in the U.S. than in Europe.

Be aware that I reference the table in my text, do not repeat the numbers from the table (which are evident), and use the text to draw major points from the data.

         TABLE 1: Relationship of Religiosity to Attitudes about Abortion, by Nation
United Great West States Britain Germany France
Percent of "Religious Persons" who say abortion can never be justified 36 23 26 26 Number of religious persons in sample 1,472 796 1,056 470 Percent of sample 84% 56% 66% 50%