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Team Photo

From left to right:

Chad Bell,
Kenneth Janda,
Kimberly Allan,
Dan Corstange,
Christina Orsini,
Mike Faber,
He Hu,
Irina Danilkina,
Kate Sanderson,
Christina Nystrom,
Noah Grabart
Laura Ellis.


(Unfortunately, Tulia Falleti had returned to Argentina and missed the photo.)

"The Rock"

At Northwestern, students follow a 100-year tradition of painting "the Rock" outside of Harris Hall whenever the spirit moves them. The Rock has been painted to celebrate, protest, advertise, and so on. I considered it an honor when the summer campers decorated the Rock in the wee hours of August 11, the last day of summer camp. (At least, that's how I interpreted it.)






The midnight marauders left their names on the back side of the Rock.