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Research and Researchers over the years
Time Period
Authors Using
1966 to 1979

Undergraduate and graduate students involved in the original data collection phase of the project

Scholars who advised on the original study and who served as country experts

Most publications during this phase were methodological, but several dissertations were produced

1980 to 1990

Most students helped with data analysis during this period

Only a few outside scholars were involved during this phase

Former students and scholars elsewhere began to use the data

1991 to 1999

Many students at Northwestern and Texas A&M helped with the longitudinal data

Most help came from country experts, like Lars Bille on Denmark

Numerous graduate students of Harmel and Janda authored or co-authored papers using the data

2000 and later

Northwestern students engaged in the 2000 Initiative; Texas A&M students released the party change data set

We expect scores of scholars across the world to become Country Consultants, helping to update the ICPP data