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DENMARK: Christian People's Party, 208
Kristelig Folkeparti--KRF

The Christian People's Party appeared too late to qualify as one of the original parties in Janda's 1950-1962 ICPP study. It continued to1990 and qualified for the Harmel-Janda study of party change in Denmark, Germany, the U.K. and U.S.

The essay on party politics in Denmark from 1963 to 2000 says:
The KRF was founded with help from Norwegian and Swedish sister parties in 1970, largely as a reaction against the abolition of censorship, the relaxation of abortion laws, and the introduction of sex education in schools (Thomas and Oakley, 1998: 92). It first gained a small foothold in the legislature in 1973 with four percent of the seats. Legislative clout rose to as high as nine percent of the seats in 1982--when the party contributed to the cabinet -- but support dwindled afterwards. The party failed in 1994 to win the two percent of the vote necessary for representation in the legislature, though it did make the cutoff point in the 1998 elections

Consult the index to variables for annual scores of the party's issue orientation, organizational complexity, centralization of power, and coherence from 1950 through 1990.