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Uruguayan National Party, 382
Variables and Codes for 1950-1962
6-- Goal Orientation Variables

Open Competition in the Electoral Process

6.01 to 6.05

Direct Tactics of Electoral Competition

Restricting Party Competition

6.11 to 6.16

Direct Tactics of Restricting Compeition

Subverting the Political System

6.21 to 6.26

Direct Tactics of Subverting the System

6.31 to 6.32

Propagandizing Ideas and Programs

6.41 to 6.44

Allying with Other Parties

6.51 to 6.55

Providing for Social Welfare

6.00 open competition in the electoral process
4, AC9
Despite the collusion of the Colorado and Blanco parties in creating the 1952 constitution that in effect divided the national executive between them, both parties are judged to be oriented toward electoral competition.
6.01--2, AC6. Party owns its own newspaper and radio-tv stations.
6.02--2, AC6. Party does use white signs, etc. at election time.
6.03--2, AC6. Party does directly contact voters usually through political clubs.
6.04--2. AC6.
6.05--2, AC6.
6.10 restricting party competition
0, AC9
Please see the comments that apply to 6.00.
6.20 subverting the political system
0, AC9
The Colorados do not seem oriented to subversion at all.
6.30 propagandizing ideas and program
6.31--2. AC6.
6.32--0, AC6.
6.33--2. AC6.
6.34--2. AC6. The Blancos engaged in a variety of activities to promote their ideas, except operating party schools.
allying with other parties
6.41‹2, AC6
6.42‹2, AC6
6.43‹2, AC6
6.44‹2, AC6
6.50 providing for welfare of party members
6.51--0, AC6
6.52--0, AC6.
6.53--2, AC6.

6.54--0. AC3.

6.55--2, AC3. The Blancos interceded with the government on behalf of their supporters and also sponsored recreational activities.