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Uruguayan National Party, 382
Variables and Codes for 1950-1962
2-- Governmental Status Variables

Government Discrimination


National Participation


Governmental Leadership


Legislative Strength


Cabinet Participation


Electoral Strength

2.01 government discrimination
1 for 1950-56, AC9
1 for 1957-62, AC9
Both the Colorado and Blanco parties benefited from the collective executive leadership set forth in the 1952 constitution. See the comment for variable 2.01 under the Colorado Party, number 381.
2.02 govervmental leadership
0 out of 7 for 1950-56, AC9
4 out of 6 for 1957-62. AC9
For the first period from 1950 through 1956 the Partido Nacional never held the presidency or the majority in the nine man council. From January 1, 1957 to March 1, 1959 they held the minority position in the council. After this period they held the majority position on the council through 1952.
2.03 cabinet participation
5 out of 7 for 1950-56, AC9
6 out of 6 for 1957-62, AC9
During the first two years of the first period the Partido Nacional did not participate in the president's cabinet. After the constitutional change on March 1, 1952 the Partido Nacional held the three minority positions on the council. From January 1, 1957 they held the minority positions on the council. After this date, they held the majority positions through the rest of the time period.
2.04 national participation
5, AC9
The Partido Nacional is primarily a national party--it competes kith other parties across the country, although its success is much greater in the interior and coastal regions than in the urban areas of Montevideo.
2.05 legislative strength
Strength is .33 for 1950-56, AC7, and .46 for 1957-62, AC9
The Blancos were in the minority throughout the first part of our time period, but the party won control of the legislature in 1956 and kept it throughout the rest of the second time period.
2.06 electoral strength
Strength is .33 for 1950-56, AC8, and .40 for 1957-62. AC9
Legislative elections were held regularly in 1950, 1954, 1950, and 1962. The Blancos trailed the Colorados in the first two and won pluralities in the last two. 2.07 outside origin
1, AC9
The party was formed by the president of the republic in 1836 in order to prevent the government from being overthrown by former president Rivera who revolted when Oribe attempted to change the form of government from a unitary to a federal state.